I find volunteering really rewarding. They’re such a cheerful bunch, and we’re always laughing about something.

We are always happy to welcome new faces at Axis and there are plenty of ways in which you can help and get involved. Our resident Family Tree expert, Tom, began his time at Axis researching member’s families and enjoyed his time so much that he now volunteers twice a week keeping track of the club’s daily expenses.







   We are currently searching for new Trustees who could dedicate a minimum of about 4 hours a month, to attend quarterly executive team meetings and offer advice and support to the club. In particular we would like to find a new Honorary Treasurer to take over from the wonderful work carried out by Ray over the past eleven years. Experience as a treasurer, accountant or book-keeper is preferable for this role, though not essential.

We would be also very grateful to anyone who can spare a few hours, particularly on a Tuesday and/or a Thursday to help with the busy lunch period, as well as an extra pair of hands to help members take part in activities on any of the days.

Alternatively if you are interested in holding a fundraiser, making Axis your company's charity, volunteering in a more administrative position or just have a good idea to pass on, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

For any queries please contact our manager.